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Liz Collett

Line Dance
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Liz Collett

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Learn to Line Dance DVD's

Using my unique teaching method, which I have developed
over 20 years,
you can learn to line dance in no time at all.
I have chosen each dance specifically to take you progressively through from
beginner to more advanced dances.
In no time at all you will be confident dancing on any dance floor or at any line dance class.

I guide you step by step through each line dance routine in 4 main sections.

  1. Comprehensive slow walk thru.
  2. Then I take you around 4-Walls (where applicable),
  3. We progress to slow music and finally to
  4. Fast music (with dance call).
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Simply go over each section until you are comfortable, then move to the next section using the Fwd and Rwd buttons on your DVD remote as often as necessary till you are ready to move on.

It's that EASY, QUICK & FUN. (You won't even need your kids to help)

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Line Dance DVD
Vol 1
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Line Dance DVD Vol 1

This is a great DVD for brand new beginners to learn to line dance. Each dance is chosen to not only teach new routines but to learn new line dancing steps and styles. You will get a great a grounding as these steps are found in many line dances at all levels.

There is aproximately 1 hour and 40 minutes of lessons covering slow dances, faster dances and also a beautiful waltz and Cha Cha.


  1. Elvira
  2. Houston Hustle
  3. Boot Scootin' Boogie
  4. Stray Cat Strut
  5. Slap Leather
  6. One Good Reason
  7. Woolshed Waltz
  8. Cowboy Cha Cha

Line Dance DVD
Vol 2
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Line Dancing DVD Vol 2

After the huge success of the first "LineDance With Liz" DVD for beginners we came up with 8 more dances to take you to the next step.

In this aprox 2 hour DVD of Line dancing fun, you will learn great dances like the sultry "Smokey Places" and "Fly Like A Bird" to the energetic and extremely popular "Tush Push" - the name alone gives you a hint of what to expect!! All the dances will progress your knowledge and execution of Line dancing steps.
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  1. Smokey Places
  2. Senorita Sway
  3. Rock Around The Clock
  4. Cowboy Rhythm
  5. Fly Like A Bird
  6. Walz Across Texas
  7. Tush Push
  8. Just A Memory

Line Dance DVD
Vol 3
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Line Dance DVD Vol 3

This is the DVD everyone talks about. It is packed with aprox 2 hours of extremely popular line dances like "The Outback" and "Girls Night Out" as well as the beautiful "Midnight Waltz" and the Johnny Cash inspired "I Walk the Line".

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  1. Black Coffee
  2. Heart Like A Wheel
  3. I Walk The Line
  4. Midnight Waltz
  5. Strait Dancing
  6. The Outback
  7. Ambush
  8. Girls Night Out

Line Dance DVD
Vol 4
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Line Dancing DVD Vol 4

All 24 *Line Dances On One DVD

We have been constantly asked to put the Line Dances from all 3 DVD's on one DVD to JUST DANCE!!!

This is a *compilation of all 24 fast music tracks and is a must have companion to your collection. Just hit play and go through the 24 Line dances one after the other - or choose the dances you love. 65 minutes of great exercise and I talk you through each dance.

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